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Agency Power Turbo Inlet/BOV Kit BMW 335i 06-11

  • $500.00

Agency Power set out in 2006 to revolutionize the BMW 335i with performance parts. One of the many projects was to create a Turbo Inlet and Blow Off Valve to improve the turbo performance.

The Aluminum inlet pipe replaces the entire oem plastic piece with a larger diameter kept all the way through. The larger diameter inlet pipe improves air flow and also gains power. The Agency Power blow off valve can be configured to vent 50% of the air back into the intake and 50% out to atmosphere for that desired WHOOOSH sound. This also keeps the cars sensors happy to not have any idle issues.

Note: The attached graph is of a 335i with intake, downpipe, intercooler and flash. The Agency Power Inlet and BOV Kit helped maintain a constant boost which gained 50rwhp and 40 ft. lbs.

This kit is available in all silver, all black, all red, or all blue and includes black silicone couplers and clamps.