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Active Autowerke F10 M5 Downpipe

  • $1,550.00

The Active Autowerke Signature downpipe is designed with the intent to maximize in power. The downpipes are created with the least amount of restrictions possible by utilizing a full 3” piping throughout with the least amount of bends possible, that is impressive when compared to the factory diameter of 2.50”. What you will experience is a faster, more responsive engine because the turbo impeller now has the ability to spool that much faster. The end result is more power from your BMW. For added durability, factory like support braces are also implemented to alleviate stresses upon the turbos. Made from 304 stainless throughout ensures a robust and durable exhaust that will provide trouble free performance with the longevity to match. All flanges are 304 stainless with the 0.060” wall thickness (~1.5 m.m.)

NOTE: designed for off-road use, car will have CEL without Active Autowerke BMW Software Upgrade for Off-Road use

Key Features:

  • Designed with less restrictive curves and more straight flows
  • Full 3.00” diameter piping throughout allows for maximum power output
  • Quicker turbo spool
  • Durable construction from 304 stainless with 1.50mm wall thickness
  • Precise fit installation
  • Full down pipe exhaust support braces relieves load bearing stress
  • Installation instructions included