Active Autowerke BMW 135i / 335I (N54) Charge Pipe & Blow Off Valve Kit

  • $595.00

Active Autowerke BMW 135i / 335I (N54) Charge Pipe & Blow Off Valve Kit

Our single BOV sports a huge venturi, designed to handle excess pressure build-up against the turbo compressor impeller blades, pressure at the impeller to stop spinning (a.k.a. Compressor Surge),which can damage the compressor wheel and shaft. With our valve in place, the stock turbos are protected as the boost is raised – you can take HP to the stratosphere, enjoy the spoils of all that performance, and get that cool “whoosh” sound as your machine spits out excess inlet pressure.

All hardware & fittings have that quality factory look you demand, and are built to perform flawlessly under the most aggressive boost conditions.

Key Features:

High-efficiency single displacement BOV – takes place of two smaller plastic valves Large opening can handle maximum boost, provide high flow Proven and tested to handle 600+ HP All aluminum venturi design with factory-style throttle clamp CNC machined flange Durable black powder-coated wrinkle finish Illustrated instruction manual & installation guide for easy “Plug ‘n Play”

AA BMW 135i / 335 N45 CP & BOV Kit Applications:
2007-2010 BMW 335i / 335xi
2008-2010 BMW 135i
2010-2012 BMW 335is
2011 BMW 1M