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Active Autowerke Methanol / Water Injection with Tank

  • $1,500.00
WIKIT-335 & WIKIT135
Turbochargers generate more than just boost. They generate a ton of incremental heat during operation, resulting in a heat-soaked engine and eroded performance. So their power increase creates its own power decrease problem. Oops.

But an Active Autowerke BMW 335i methanol injection system will help chill the intake charge to a cooler temperature, effectively combating the heat soak effect. Additionally, the methanol-water mix increases your engine's knock limit, thus serving as insurance against unwanted high boost detonation.

The Metahnol-water is precisely delivered and metered by its own electronic module. This module not only monitors the boost pressure within the engine but also controls the delivery flow to match both the engine load and demand as needed.

The large 1.8+ gallon resevoir is well suited for this task. The capacity is there to meet most demands; the trunk mounted location is ideal by being the furthest positin away from both engine and exhaust heat; and its trunk position maximizes the trunk space. It has a rigid mount that's very secure, yet it can be easily detached if needed by its spring loaded quick releases.

If there's one mod you should be considering for better forced induction performance, this is it. Take full advantage of the added safety provided by the Active Autowerke BMW 335i Methanol Injection System with our off-road 335i Downpipe.

Key Features:
Trunk-mounted 1.8+ gallon reservoir with inline filter and low pickup tube
Reservoir location on Battery Tray maximizes trunk storage
Methanol-water mix is not influenced by either engine or exhaust heat
Robust high volume pump will deliver on demand and is suited for a methanol-water mix
Electronic module delivers precisely. Settings can be re-adjusted if needed
Injection hose and wiring routed within a protective casing
NOT a generic, universal system but manufactured model specific
Detailed instruction with pictures makes for a simple install
Tested and proven on our 500+ HP turbo and supercarged cars

Methanol or any liquid is not included with this system. The end user is responsible for procurement