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Active Autowerke E90 E92 E93 M3 2008-2013 Supercharger Kit With ROTREX Blower Level 3

  • $13,999.00

Product Overview 

The advanced design and sleek features of the Active Autowerke Supercharger System include a front mount air-to-air intercooler system with a separate oil cooler for the supercharger unit’s independent oil system. The Active Autowerke Supercharger Plenum replaces the factory air box and is designed to have an OEM-type look with custom finishes available at the customer’s request. The Active Autowerke Supercharger Plenum has been designed with eight high-flow velocity stacks, and large three inch intercooler piping to supply cooled air.
The custom Active Autowerke Filter mounts to the supercharger unit and is enclosed in a custom intake box engineered to incorporate factory design while forcing cool air to the air box. The optional methanol injection system assists in lowering intake air temperatures and prevents detonation.
The standard finish on the Active Autowerke Supercharger Plenum is a matte wrinkle black, custom colors are also available for an additional cost.
The Active Autowerke Supercharger System is powered by a Rotrex C38-92 Supercharger Unit mounted with a custom CNC’ed bracket that uses a dedicated drive belt system, while eight high flow fuel injectors are used to supply the additional required fuel. Active Autowerke’s Performance Software, available for 91-93 octane, race gas, and octane levels unique to other countries, is carefully calibrated, and is at the heart of the system to provide an unparalleled driving experience. Keeping within the factory’s OBDII parameters, the Active Autowerke Supercharger System ensures consistency for everyday driving.
The Level 3 system includes a water/methanol injection system with upgraded pulley and custom software.
93 Octane/98 Ron or 91 Octane
HFC/No Cat Mid Section Recommended
Key Features:
  1. AA E9X M3 Supercharger Plenum with Eight High-flow Velocity stacks
  2. Rotrex C38-92 Supercharger
  3. AA Blow Off Valves & Bypass Valve
  4. Dedicated Belt Drive System (does not share belt with accessories)
  5. Eight-Rib Pulley System
  6. Eight High-capacity Bosch Motorsport Fuel Injectors
  7. AA Performance Software for the MSS60 ECU with available upgrades and off road options
  8. CNC Hard Anodized Brackets and Hardware
  9. AA Front-mount Air to Air Intercooler
  10. Independent Supercharger Oil Cooler
  11. Longlife Traction Fluid for Rotrex C38-92 Supercharger
  12. Cold Air Intakes Box
  13. AA Oil Breather System
  14. New Oil Line with A/N Fitting System
  15. High Performance AA Spec Filter
  16. Spark Plugs
  17. All mounting hardware (plumbing, hoses and clamps) included
  18. Detailed, step-by-step installation manual
  19. All installation hardware included
  20. Two-year unlimited mileage warranty
Performance Specs:
Boost: 9 psi
Horsepower: 700 HP
Torque: 480 Ft Lbs
numbers may vary depending on weather,conditions,etc
Application for all 2008-2013 E90, E92,E93 M3 models. All supercharger systems must be installed by an approved Active Autowerke dealer to sustain all warranties. Intended for off street use.
LEGAL in California only for racing vehicles.