Agency Power Cold Air Intakes Kit BMW M3/M4 F80/F82 2015+

  • $895.00
The BMW is already a beast of a vehicle. But what every turbocharged car needs is more air flow in, and more air flow out. Well Agency Power has worked directly with the new turbo BMW M3 F80 to develop several performance and styling products. The intake kit replaces the factory OEM Air Intakes system completely. Utilizing high flow cone air filters. The pre oiled filters feature the concave front end filter to gain the maximum amount of air flow possible. As tested on a BMW M3 F80, the intake reduces turbo lag and improves throttle response. Gaining performance throughout the power curve, the intake also gives your turbocharged engine a more audible tone. All Agency Power parts come with a limited lifetime warranty when you fill out the form here.

  • Lightweight
  • Better Flow
  • Reusable Filters
  • Bolt On
  • TIG Welded
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • BMW M3 F80 2015+
  • BMW M4 F82 2015+