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Agency Power Intercooler Kit BMW 135i | 335i 07-11

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    Agency Power Intercooler Kit BMW 135i | 335i 07+

    Agency Power;s new large capacity, high flow performance intercooler for the BMW 135i and 335i is a direct replacement part. With this performance intercooler, your BMW will see gains in both horsepower and torque.The Agency Power intercooler will dramatically reduce the intake temperature to give a boost in power that all performance car owners look for.

    When creating an intercooler, size and efficiency are what is needed. With a large surface area and a bar and plate design, 10% reduction in Air Intakes temperatures and power gains of 16hp and 15 ft/lbs torque can be experienced. As a front mount intercooler, t HERE is an abundance of air. The factory front mount is to small to utilize the entire flow of air. This larger front mount is able to capture and make use of the air flow and exchange heat from the intake air through the intercooler and out away from the engine.