BSH 2.0T FSI Bulletproof DV Relocation Kit for True Seal Intake (Includes Boost Tap) - Redline Motorworks

BSH 2.0T FSI Bulletproof DV Relocation Kit for True Seal Intake (Includes Boost Tap)

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The Bulletproof DV kit was designed to meet all of these requirements. Take a moment to read some customer feedback left at the bottom of the page so you can hear what real people just like you are saying about this product.

By using a mechanical valve provided by world reknown Forge Motorsport the BSH Bulletproof DV Kit allows you to quit worrying about your prone to failure factory rubber diaphragm valve and sets you up for the performance driver you desire! By relocating the valve to the front of the motor closest to the throttle body, the BSH Bulletproof DV kit is able to get air in and out of the motor as quickly and efficiently as possible. No longer is air forced to stop at the throttle body and turn around only to go all the way back to the turbo before being vented, no more is air forced to travel the entire length of the intercooler plumbing before entering the motor while in vacuum, with the Bulletproof DV kit, you get performance now!

By minimizing the length of vacuum line between the pressure/vacuum source and the DV the Bulletproof DV kit responds faster then any valve on the market. This is great for your turbo's health as the larger volume of air your modified car is flowing can be vented without the chance of stalling your hard working turbocharger.

No other kit on the market gives your engine bay the look of a tastefully modified performance engine like the Bulletproof DV kit. Take a look at the image gallery for shots of otherwise stock, show ready, and our in house GT3071R turbocharger equipped GTi.
Ease of Maintenence:
When you do your yearly valve inspection you will never again have to get under the car once you have the Bulletproof DV kit. The valve is now located in plain site and can be accessed in seconds.