BSH 2.0T TSI Race Air Intakes System

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After months of design and testing BSH is pleased to release its all new one piece TSI race intake. While simple in appearance considerable attention had to be given to both the size and exact location of the MAF sensor.

To ensure factory like drivability and the best possible performance considerable resources were invested into creating a computerized air flow model of the factory intake tubing in all of its different dimensions and shape changes and found the point in the plumbing where a single diameter pipe flowed the same as the factory Air Intakes in the factory position at the MAF. This is what it takes to make the best part available for the platform. As soon as we had this data we were able to pick the right location right away and its been perfect since on our test vehicles since.

Key Features:

One Piece Design
Integrated CNC Machined MAF Flange
Filter Heat Shield
OEM Matching CNC Machined PCV Reroute

Sound Clip:
One of the main reasons our customers buy intakes is for the sound. At cruising the is very docile and does not intrude on the daily commute. However, put the pedal down and its a whole new game. Hear it in wide open throttle below.


Picked up 9 whp on the dyno on a completely stock otherwise 2010 GTI
Gains expected to be higher on a chipped car by 3-5 horsepower