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BSH R53 Mini Cooper (Non-S & S) Lower Motor Mount (02-06)

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BSH R53 Mini Cooper (Non-S & S) Lower Motor Mount (02-06)

Why have more power if you can't get it to the ground? When your modified engine gets in its stride the soft factory motor mounts allow the engine to rock back hurting the ability for the car to gain traction and limiting the transmission's ability to make smooth shifts during pleasure driving situations. Beyond just soft factory bushings, volume made cast or extruded engine mounts are often prone to snapping on modified vehicles. BSH has explored this issue on the Mini Cooper chassis and is proud to be the first to offer a real solution to this issue with its all new billet lower mount for the R53 and R56 Mini Coopers.

Machined from a solid piece of T-6061 aluminum the new BSH motor mount is both a performance and driveability upgrade to your Mini. Our billet mounts reduce the ability of the engine to flex back by incorporating propriety durometer bushings and the billet bodies to hold them.

After installation you will notice the following:
Reduced engine movement;
Greatly reduced wheel hop;
More defined throttle input.