BSH True Seal 2.0T FSI True Seal Air Intakes System & Bulletproof DV Kit Package (06-08.5)

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BSH True Seal 2.0T FSI True Seal Air Intakes System & Bulletproof DV Kit Package (06-08.5)

BSH True Seal Intake

BSH is proud to bring you the most powerful intake system for the 2.0T FSi. Major design features include a proprietary airbox that integrates into the fresh air ducting on the grill of the car. This design ensures that only cool air enters the engine providing you with the most dense oxygen rich air possible. Other considerations include a carefully calibrated MAF sensor flange and an integrated port for the relocation of a diverter valve. 

All of these features combine to bring you the most potent Air Intakes on the market. 

This part is a direct replacement for the factory intake system and installs without any modifications to the vehicle.

Intake Tubing with integrated DV relocation bung and CNC machined MAF flange
True Seal Airbox with Rubber Trim Lock
Proprietary BSH Air Filter with Inverted Cone Top
All clamps and hardware needed for installation
+10-15 HP +10-15 Torque

BSH Synapse FSI DV Kit for True Seal Intake

Eliminate factory diverter valve failure issues with the BSH DV Kit.

The BSH kit integrates seamlessly into the factory throttle body,
or add the BSH Throttle Body Pipe to improve throttle response and performace.
The BSH DV kit comes with the Synapse Diverter Valve featuring the patented Synchronic actuator technology. The Snchronic actuator eliminates the use of diaphragms with a piston actuator that doesn't require frequent re-lubrication.
Included with the Synapse Diverter Valve are BSH 1.5 inch adapters for easy installation.

Complete Kit Includes:

Synapse Diverter Valve with BSH 1.5 inch adapters

BSH Boost Tap

BSH DV block off plate

BSH Silicone hoses

Hose clamps

vacuum hose