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Stoptech BBK 07-09 BMW 335i/335d Front 355x32 Slotted 2pc Rotors ST-60 Red Calipers

  • $3,295.00

Upgrade to 2 piece rotors (slotted), (6) piston calipers (red), & high performance pads

Featuring fully forged calipers with patented stiffening bridges, patented 2-piece AeroRotors® for optimized cooling, braided stainless steel brake lines, performance brake pads, mounting brackets and all necessary hardware to complete the installation. StopTech® Big Brake Kits were the first Balanced Brake Upgrades® on the market, offering optimized brake bias to utilize all the traction available from all four tires.

StopTech® 2-piece calipers have the lowest amount of flex and deflection among 25 of the leading caliper models (including some monoblocks) from well-known manufacturers. This is accomplished using StopTech's® patented bolt-in bridge, which is strong enough to stop distortion without sacrificing cooling through the top of the caliper.

StopTech® has developed several design innovations to improve rotor airflow. The patented 2-piece AeroRotors push more air thanks to curved, airfoil-shaped vanes and an air channel that widens at the trailing edge of the vanes. StopTech aluminum AeroHats  are lighter, and feature directional stand-offs between the rotor and mounting hat that increase airflow to the (hotter) outside face of the rotor by over 15%.

StopTech® Street Performance Brake Pads are included in all Big Brake Kits besides the track-only Trophy Race Big Brake Kits.  StopTech Street Performance Pads are intended for high performance street driving as well as light duty track use.

  • Aggressive pad for high performance street driving
  • Para-aramid composites provide linear response regardless of pad temperature
  • 100% positive molded for uniform friction material density
  • Low dust formulation is rotor friendly and leaves wheels cleaner
  • Scorched to raise initial cold effectiveness and ease bed-in
  • 100% Asbestos-free formulas


      BMW E90 335d M57 3.0L
      BMW E90 335i N54 3.0L
      BMW E90 335i N55 3.0L
      BMW E92 335i N54 3.0L
      BMW E92 335i N55 3.0L
      BMW E92 335is N54 3.0L
      BMW E93 335i N54 3.0L
      BMW E93 335i N55 3.0L
      BMW E93 335is N54 3.0L