Evolution Motorsports Porsche 997 Carrera V-Flow Air Intakes

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Engineered utilizing state of the art CAD CAM 3D modeling, CNC machining, computer controlled Superflow air flow testing, rotational molding, injection molding and countless man hours, these systems represent the apex of air induction technologies. All of our systems install in the factory location and utilize the OEM ñram airî fresh air ducts for lower Air Intakes temperatures and added power. Additionally, our systems also incorporate a custom cotton air filter and a 6î injection molded Venturi that acts as a vacuum for cold-air. All these components work together to create the most powerful Porsche Air Intakes systems on the market today.

Our intake is being utilized by almost every Porsche 997 participating in the Grand AM Cup GS series due to its consistent and reliable power gains. These race teams require real results and rely on the benefits of our intake system for their race cars.

HP Gain: 10-12
TQ Gain: 10-12
  • State-of-the-art CAD CAM 3D modeling.
  • CNC machining.
  • Computer controlled Superflow air flow testing.
  • Installs in the factory location.
  • Utilizes the OEM ñram airî fresh air ducts.
  • Utilizes a custom cotton air filter.
  • Utilizes a 6î injection molded Venturi that acts as a vacuum for cold-air.