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H&R Touring Cup Kit VW Rabbit Mk5

  • $698.10
  • $196.90 OFF
Lowers car 1.4" front and 1.3" rear.

Unlike competitors spring and shock kits, H&R Cup Kits are not merely a 'matched' spring and shock package, but rather a specially engineered 'solution' with springs and shocks being engineered individually in every application. This takes the guess work out of your spring and shock selection, and provides you with an application specific, precisely calibrated spring and shock set designed to deliver improved handling, uncompromised ride comfort and sleek styling in one precision engineered package.

This kit is softer than the standard H&R Cup Kit, and lowers the car 1.4" front and 1.3" rear.

NOTES: Only fits 55mm Front Strut Clamp. In rare instances, lowering the car with this kit may cause an interference between the front sway bar and the front driveshaft. H&R sway bar part numbers 70258-26 or 70258-28 can be installed to correct this problem.

Not recommended for GTI.