Injen 2015 M3/M4 Short Ram 2pc. Intake System w/ MR Technology

  • $600.40
  • $189.60 OFF


  • Improves airflow into the engine
  • Uses the patented MR Technology tuning process to ensure the air/fuel ratio is within optimum limits
  • Increases horsepower
  • Improves acceleration and fuel economy
  • Easily installs under the hood
  • Every system includes the EA Nanofiber dry air filter
  • Air Intakes pipe constructed of mandrel-bent 6061 aluminum for smooth airflow
  • Comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware and comprehensive installation instructions
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Application Guide

Make Model Chassis Year Finish Part Number
BMW 2015 F80 M3 & F83 M4 3.0L (T) L6 - Dual SRI w/Dual Heat Shields F80 /F82 15+ Polished SP1116P
BMW 2015 F80 M3 & F83 M4 3.0L (T) L6 - Dual SRI w/Dual Heat Shields F80 /F82 15+ Wrinkle Black SP1116WB

Looking to get more power out of your new BMW M3 and M4 and look good doing so? An intake is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get a lot of power out of your car.

These Injen intakes have gone through rigorous research and development to ensure that your car gets the most power possible. Besides an increase in power, this Injen F80 M3 and F82 M4 intake you will get better gas mileage and a deeper tone out of your engine.  The dual intake with dual heat shields ensure that your engine has no restrictions, but prevent unwanted debris from entering the system with Injens SuperNano-Web Filters.  Plus, this intake has been tuned with MR Technology incorporated to control and replicate stock fuel trims throughout the entire power band making sure your engine in running safely.  Stainless steel hardware and automotive grade couplers followed by a CNC machined MAF pad is built for performance and longevity. 

During testing, Injen saw consistent dyno runs with gains of +19HP and +23TQ!