P3 Cars Audi 8V A3 S3 Vent Integrated Digital Boost Gauge

  • $389.00
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Connect with your car in an entirely new way. Why settle for just a boost gauge? Sporting features available in products 3x the price, this is a swiss army knife of performance data, with design and integration that won't spoil the clean lines of your interior.

Specifically designed to support the Audi 8V platforms. Reads boost and all data directly from the diagnostics port for fast plug and play install.

Plug & Play Install: Quick plug and play install with zero cutting required. All power, ground, and data points come directly from the diagnostics port connector

Boost/Vacuum Display: High resolution boost/vacuum via diagnostics port for FAST install. Optionally read boost via boost tap (available as an option).

Multiple Gauge Displays
: Boost/Vac, Coolant Temp, Intake Air Temp, Exhaust Gas Temp, Throttle Plate, Speed, RPM with Shift-light, Battery voltage and more!

Peak Recall & Run Record
: Recall the peak value from any mode, or record and playback 15 seconds of data from the current mode. Temperature peaks recorded in the background.

Universal Aux Inputs
: Includes additional inputs to optionally connect any 0-5v sensor with universal settings for display ranges and bar graph displays from -999 and 9999 max values.

On the Fly Configuration Menu
: Lockout/Display off mode, English(PSI, F, MPH) or Metric(BAR, C, KPH) selection, Adjustable boost display resolution, Ambient Calibration for boost sensor and more!