P3 Cars BMW 335i Integrated Vent Digital Boost Gauge Interface V2

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    BMW 335i digital vent gauge V2. The ONLY choice if you are looking to maintain a clean interior and monitor your boost! Packed with features, it blows away any other gauge on the market. With hundreds of units sold this is the #1 boost gauge solution for your 335!

    * Super easy install „ full plug and play!
    * High resolution boost/vaccum with peak recall
    * Monitor live engine data for intake air temp, coolant temp, throttle blade position, actual ignition timing, EGT and more
    * Digital RPM readout with shift light
    * Automatic start and stop 0-60 timer for evaluating your cars performance
    * 15 second ñrun recordî data logging to replay a quarter mile run and evaluate boost spikes or dips
    * Extended BMW code scan and reset
    * OEM integration, fit and finish
    * Precisely color matched to the BMW Orange interior lighting
    * Night dimmer to match brightness
    * Non-glare black smoked glass face
    * Select english or metric units on the gauge
    * Easy to navigate 2 button menu
    * 3x analog inputs for additional sensors
    * Configurable Meth Flow display
    * Easy to install firmware upgrades to add new features and functionality as they are released