Tecnocraft Dry Carbon Fiber Envy Intake Manifold And Cover BMW M3 E9X 08-13

  • $1,999.99
Tecnocraft Dry Carbon Fiber Envy Intake Manifold And Cover BMW M3 E90 E92 08+

Tecnocraft's long-standing proprietary dry carbon fiber production techniques officially debuted in 2007, but for nearly two decades, Tecnocraft’s heritage, and experience has embraced a singular philosophy rivaling Formula One, Military Defense, and Aerospace carbon composite manufacturing. Their philosophy is function over form.

Carefully observing the needs of performance enthusiasts needs and motor sports trends, Tecnocraft brand products are specifically developed for the exotic aftermarket niche a chosen challenge by their in-house design team to continually meet the demands and expectations of the most discerning consumers in the automotive industry today.

Breathe more power into your M3 by outfitting it’s OEM BMW Factory Plenum with the Technocraft M3 Envy Intake Manifold with Cover Replacement. By enlarging the available volume after the throttle body, the driver gains immediate throttle response, gains of torque and horsepower. Along with the increased volume, the Envy Intake Manifold also eliminates unnecessary turbulence areas immediately surrounding the factory air horns. In combination with the full Envy Intake System, the Envy equipped Intake Manifold resonates an intoxicating V8 growl under the hood. Its BMW-esque design also enhances its presence as an ENVY system engine bay centerpiece.

  • 100% Dry Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Honeycomb Matrix Reinforced center area for extra strength and rigidity.
  • 100% CNC Machined Strength Rods
  • 100% QC and Extreme Aircraft Grade Epoxy Fusion
  • Installs into factory OEM BMW part location