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USP 3" Race Exhaust (Turbo-Back) Porsche 911 996TT

  • $2,550.00

USP Motorsports is proud to announce that we have finally completed, and released our Porsche 996 Turbo Race Exhaust system! After long hours of design, development, and testing we have found the right combination to hit target results in terms of performance, quality, and sound. Each system is hand-made by USP Motorsports, constructed of 3” mandrel bent, T-304 Stainless Steel tubing and Burns Stainless mufflers. The exhaust features a center X-pipe, developed for flow efficiency and sound. The muffler allows for a tolerable city / partial throttle driving tone, and a very audible exotic note during spirited driving. Our system is full 3” diameter all the way through from the turbochargers to the exit, no reduction from the turbo all the way back to the tips.

This is considered a “race” exhaust due to the fact that the catalytic converters are eliminated from the system. The tips are 3.5" diameter tube, Slant Cut style custom made by USP Motorsports, transitioned from the 3” system with no obstruction in flow. Optional finish for the tips is jet coated black (as seen in the pictures below) or polished. A unique feature in this system is that the flanges bolted to the turbo were made with the TiAL upgraded turbo kit in mind. They are a larger opening then stock, so it will not obstruct the flow from the wastegate outlet on the TiAL Alpha system. We have found this to be an issue with some other aftermarket Exhaust. Another advantage to our system is the weight savings over factory. When changing to the USP 996 Race Exhaust, you will save 40% weight over the factory exhaust!


Key Features:

- Complete Bolt on Kit
- T-304 mandrel bent Stainless Steel tubing
-  Full 3” exhaust diameter from turbo-back
-  40% weight savings over stock!
-  Slant-cut 3.5” exhaust tips
-  USP Motorsports designed X-pipe muffler
-  No catalytic converters
-  Flanges compatible with TiAL Alpha turbo systems
-  Available polished & jet-coated black
-  Makes more power than any other on the marke