USP Motorsports 996TT / GT2 Intercooler Upgrades - 800+ Hp - Redline Motorworks

USP Motorsports 996TT / GT2 Intercooler Upgrades - 800+ Hp

  • $1,690.00

The USP Motorsports intercooler upgrades provide better cooling efficiency for charged air, compared to OEM turbo or GT2, resulting in more power to the ground. An aluminum bar and plate design is utilized opposed to the factory plastic end tank, tube and fin design. The cores use a high density of fins inside the tubes for quick and efficient heat dissipation while utilizing a slightly less dense outer fin setup to provide excellent flow. This technology provides maximum cooling with minimal pressure drop.

Our intercoolers install just like factory and require minor trimming on the shrouds due to the cores being 40% larger then stock. They are high quality hand made and pressure tested, so each set guarantees attention to detail. OEM C-clip hose connections are retained for installation for an OEM style fit.

Here at USP Motorsports, we stand behind what we sell. These intercoolers are used on our very own shop 996 Turbo making over 700whp. 


Core Size: 16" x 9" x 3.5"
Overall Size with End-tanks: 23" x 9 x 3.5"
Inlet/Outlet Diameter: 2.5"
Charge Side Area: 30.6 cubic inch / side
Core Volume: 504 cubic inch mass / side
Core Volume vs. Stock: 40% larger


Efficiency: 89%
Flow rate: 750 CFM per side
Leak Tested: @ 35 PSI
Pressure Drop: less than 1%
Support HP: 800+