VR Tuned Gearbox Tuning BMW M5 F10

  • $1,400.00
How does it work:


  • The module plugs into your port and following some simple instructions, it flashes the ECU.
  • After the flash has been done, you can remove it from the car for a stealth look.
  • The Auto Flash requires about 100 miles of normal driving conditions to adapt properly.
  • These units are not flashing a full file, that's why they can do 'anti-tune- cars, they are updating pieces of information both in the ECU and Tune but not the whole map so it doesn't alter the flash counter or change the overall file size

Biggest selling features are:

  • Undetectable by dealers.
  • Does not change the ECU flash counter.
  • Does not change the file size of the ECU map.
  • Bypass anti tuning without having to remove the ECU.
  • Have warranty concerns, flash it back to stock!
Technical Data:

Note: This product does not alter any Emission Control Devices in accordance with EPA regulations. The product has not been certified via CARB or any other standard measurement. This product is sold for Off-road, Off Highway, and race use only. This product cannot be used on the street with a street registered and insured vehicle. Please check your local laws in accordance with using this product. We cannot be held accountable for any misuse or illegal use of this product as it is described.