VWR 6-Piston- 2-Piece Performance Big Brake Kit

  • $2,999.00

The VWR Performance Brake System is a highly recommended upgrade for any stock or modified vehicle and perfectly complements VWR's power and handling modifications. The VWR Performance Brake System is track proven through the Volkswagen Racing Cup in the UK, quality stress tested to strict OEM standards beyond that of TÜV and DOT and is fully manufactured in the UK.

Quick Facts

- 6-Piston, Light Weight, Low Profile, Red/Black/Blue Forged Calipers

- 360mm x 32mm 2-piece, Vented and Grooved Discs

- Aluminum Bells Compatible with VWR Interlocking Hub Spacers

- Aluminum Mounting Brackets with Racingline script

- Braided Stainless Flexible Brake Lines

- Performance Street Pads in a Non-Proprietary Standard Size

- All Mounting Hardware Included

- Optional VWR Interlocking 5mm, 7mm and 10mm Hub Spacers

- Fits 18 Inch Wheels and Larger

- Caliper Design Specific for VAG Master Cylinders

- Reduced Unsprung Mass with a Total Weight of 29 LBS Per Side

- Manufactured in the UK

- Replaceable Discs and Pads Available

Brake Calipers

he 6-piston front calipers feature a piston array of varying diameters to ensure even pressure distribution across the entire pad surface. Unlike many generic braking systems on the market today, light braking under daily driving will not result in a 'grabby' or harsh, on/off braking feeling. This is because the VWR braking system is specific to each vehicle and was expertly matched to the OEM master cylinder and brake servo assistance. This ensures pedal feel is nearly identical to stock in normal driving conditions, yet capable of providing tremendous stopping power in high demand situations.

The calipers are forged from lightweight aluminum and designed to house large brake pads. The forged design provides intrinsic compressive stresses to help combat the negative effects of caliper flex, allowing improved force distribution and reduced vibration. Each unit features a thin caliper profile to aid in clearances and weight savings while not sacrificing structural integrity, even in the most demanding environments.





Brake Pads

VWR provides performance street brake pads with each system. However, a standard pad size was chosen to afford customers the ability to run their favorite brands and compounds without proprietary restrictions. 152mm x 54mm x 17mm.

Caliper Carriers

WR provides strong and lightweight aluminum caliper carriers, with Racingline script, to properly mount the brake calipers. Standard mounting hardware is included and longer hardware is available for those with uprated factory aluminum uprights.

Brake Rotors

Massive 352mm x 32mm ventilated and grooved 2-piece disc surfaces provide dramatically better braking, both in terms of pedal response and resistance to fade, under hard use. To reduce brake fade, the ventilated design dissipates heat while the grooved surfaces evacuate gases released from the pads. The 2-piece design further aids in heat dissipation while reducing unsprung mass through the use of a lightweight aluminum bell. Because the bell housing is separate from the disc and reusable, replacement discs are less expensive.

Interlocking Hub Spacers

A common problem with larger than stock brake systems is an inability to use OEM and some aftermarket wheels due to the larger caliper width contacting the wheel's spokes. The available VWR Interlocking Hub Spacers allow for an additional spacing of 5mm, 7mm or 10mm depending on application needs. Each spacer locks into the rotor's bell housing to ensure no unnecessary movement or vibration is created under acceleration and braking.

Note: VWR Brakes are designed for 18" and larger diameter wheels. Each Interlocking Hub Adapter is sold separately

Brake Lines

The VWR Performance Brake System includes braided stainless steel brake lines to improve the braking system's effectiveness and longevity over conventional OEM rubber lines. Rubber lines have a tendency to swell or expand under heavy braking creating a soft or spongy pedal. However, stainless steel lines remain true to their form providing a more responsive and firm brake pedal. Abrasion and corrosion resistant, these lines will stay functional and looking good for years to come.

Bleeding the braking system is a required step in any brake caliper or brake line install and marks a perfect opportunity for upgrading to Motul’s premium street or track brake fluids. APR recommends Motul DOT 5.1 for street and light track use and Motul RBF 600 or 660 for track use only. See the Motul section listed below for more details on each fluid.

Lightweight, Strong and Proven

An obvious feature of the VWR Performance Brake System is an increase in stopping power, but an often-overlooked benefit is an increase in acceleration, ride comfort and handling through a reduction in unsprung mass. Typical OEM brake systems on VAG A5 platform vehicles (Golf, Jetta, A3, etc) weigh 33 lbs per side (Even more for Golf R, S3 and larger systems) while the entire VWR system weighs in at 29 LBS with pads!

Through years of brutal testing in the Volkswagen Racing Cup, the VWR Braking System has proven to be a strong and reliable system for both street and track applications. Each system is manufactured in the UK and sample units are run through a battery of tests as seen below.